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Casey Skora

Purchased a 2014 Ford Mustang Premium on 10/20/2017

After doing my online research and dissapointed with cars not being as represented at vaious dealers, I found this special Pony Package Mustang and engaged Art at 52motors to discuss my concerns and negotiate pricing as I was driving 3 hours to see the car. I was very pleased to discover that the car was better than described online and in the pictures and we closed the deal. I would give the experience at 52 motors a 5 star rating!

Mark Smith

Purchased a 2005 Volvo and 2004 Cadillac on 9/28/2017

I was referred by a friend to 52 Motors regarding a great deal on a 2005 Volvo , after viewing and test driving and a discussion surrounding the vehicle I decided to purchase it, while there I also saw a beautiful midnight blue 2004 Cadillac in great condition with very low mileage and negotiated a great deal for both cars. I found the people at 52 Motors to be very upfront and fair and I would definately recommend them .

Benita Camilo

Purchased a 2013 Toyota Avalon on 09/26/2017

I did my research and narrowed my findings to 3 similar cars, after viewing and test driving all three ,the car at 52 Motors was in the best condition and offered at the best price. They were very accomodating when I asked to bring the vehicle for an inspection to my mechanic..all checked out perfect! I would definately recommend 52 Motors.

Ray Adams

Purchased a 2008 GMC Sierra on 09/07/2017

I was on my way to see another truck at a different dealership and passed by 52Motors and saw this beautiful Sierra, I stopped in to see it and spoke with Art regarding the truck. I wanted to compare this truck to the other truck and after a test drive and a little negotiation this truck was it!. My experience at 52 Motors was excellent and I would highly recommend 52 Motors.

Karyna Lopez

Purchased a Volkswagon Jetta on 08/28/2017

I called about this car and scheduled a test drive, when I arrived the car was in much better condition than I imagined. I drove the car and got pre-approved with my credit union on Friday late afternoon. I wanted to have my mechanic check out the car and 52 Motors was very accomodating letting me take the car for a full check out which it did!!!! I came back on Monday and closed the transaction and was very pleased with the car and the sevice at 52 Motors, I would highly recommend them.

Hannah and Jordan

Purchased a 2015 Ford Fusion SE on 07/02/2017

I recently sold my Jeep and was looking for somthing more economical with style and comfort, after visiting several dealerships I was dissapointed when the vehicles advertised were less than represented. I found this great car on 52Motors website and it was even nicer than I expected when I went for a test drive. I went to my credit union and was told I was getting a great deal ( just as I was told at 52 Motors) around $2000 below market value! I would definately recommend 52 Motors.


Purchased a 2014 Ford F150 XLT 

I looked at this truck online and set an appointment to view and test drive ( after dealership hours), and when I saw and drove the truck it was better than I expected. After asking Art for a few accomodations we made the deal and closed the transaction. They made it very easy and accomodated my schedule. I would definately recommend 52 Motors.


Purchased a 2012 Chevy Traverse on 06/19/17

What a great experience! I looked at another local dealer and they had the same exact car but with 50,000 more miles and wanted $1,200 more for their car! 52 Motors had such a great inventory of high quality and well maintained cars, it was very easy to find one to meet my needs. They had the best value, were super easy to deal with and made the transaction the easiest of my life. I even referred my mother to 52 Motors.


Purchased a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium on 6/8/17

I LOVE MY CAR! I bought a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium from 52 Motors. They were a pleasure to work with and made it so easy! I saved over $12,000 from sticker price versus buying at a local Ford Dealer and it still has the manufacturers warranty in place! I so,so, so recommend these guys! Did I mention I LOVE MY CAR?!


Purchased a Ford F150 King Ranch on 06/05/17

What an easy way to buy a high quality truck! All their inventory was really, really nice. Great selection of high quality and well maintained trucks. I've always wanted a King Ranch and they had the best value within 500 miles and they are super easy to deal with! I highly recommend 52 Motors.


Purchased a Dodge Ram 1500 on 06/02/17

These guys are great! No pressure, I visited their lot several times to look over the truck, test drive it, and discuss numbers. When I first saw it, It was cleaner than I thought it would be! Most used cars you look at look nothing like the pictures on the website, this one was even better than on their website in person. We drove home in 30 minutes in the Ram. We love this truck and 52 Motors! Thank you Art!


Purchased a F150 Lariat on 06/01/17

First car transaction that was exactly as advertised! My last dealer experience was a nightmare. We agreed on a price I drove 3 hours to buy it and all the paperwork had higher prices! 52 Motors was a dream! I negotiated via text, we agreed on a price for my trade in, a price for the F150, I drove 2 hours from SC and I was riding home in 25 minutes in my F150! Down to the penny, the deal was as advertised. They were so easy to work with, honest and fast. I even purchased their extended warranty.

Annette & Tim

Purchased a 2017 Kia Sorento on 04/15/17

What a pain free and easy transaction. We drove from Virginia to look at SUVs. We test drove 52 Motors' then a few more dealerships' cars. We settled on 52 Motors' SUV because it was the best overall value, best condition, lowest mileage and they were so easy to deal with and zero pressure!


Purchased a 2015 Chevy Cruz on 04/11/17

What a great experience! My fiancé test drove the car Saturday, I came back Saturday night, by appointment since they closed before I could get off work, I loved it too. They held the car for me until Tuesday and I went back and signed the paperwork and drove the car home 45 minutes later. I love this car!! They even took it to my mechanic to have it double checked. It passed with flying colors. If your buying a pre-owned car, do yourself a favor and buy it at 52Motors.com


Purchased a Subaru Outback on 04/03/17

Art and 52 Motors were a dream to work with! No pressure. I looked at the car Saturday, drove it, showed up Monday morning and 30 minutes later drove home in my Outback! Car is in great shape and they covered all the options with me before I took my baby home. I would definitely recommend buying a car from 52 Motors!


Purchased a Ford Fusion on 03/22/17

It was a pleasure and very simple to deal with the folks at 52 Motors. They made buying this Fusion a fast and easy transaction. The car was as advertised, clean, lower mileage and very well taken care of. I would recommend 52 Motors for your next purchase.


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